Sunday, 22 February 2009

Brazilian beats rock 2020

Bournemouth’s 2020 club seemed a fitting place to welcome an emerging international star like DJ Marky. The Brazilian is no stranger to these shores and as drum and bass becomes ever more popular, Marky is there setting the benchmark.
The venue is reminiscent of London’s Fabric or Brighton’s Audio, with a plush interior, leather sofas and chandeliers – both venues have welcomed Marky in the past but this time it was the rare turn of Bournemouth to welcome the showman from Sao Paolo.
It is eight years since the release of The Brazilian Job, the album which turned so many heads. Expectations are high wherever Marky plays, which could be why he was greeted with a hail of boos as 2020 sound engineers scrambled to remedy the silence which followed after the DJ connected his laptop to the mixer.
But the mishap was soon forgotten when the first tune soared through the speakers. Marky’s unique blend of Brazilian samba and flowing drum and bass captured the mixed crowd.
Throughout his set Marky teased the audience with snippets of old favourites like LK and Nightfall, but despite the roars from the dancefloor, Marky resisted the crowd pleasers, opting instead for new music fresh from his Macbook.
Midway through the set the crowd erupted as Marky, one of the few DnB DJs who can scratch properly, ripped it up while goading the crowd. A few minutes later he could be seen singing along to soulful remixes of Fernando Porto records, arms outstretched and eyes closed.
He is, without a doubt, a showman and a great ambassador of Brazilian music of all genres.

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