Monday, 29 June 2009

Boscombe forgets the birthday of its oldest friend

A little-recognised anniversary passed today without acknowledgement - the 120th birthday of Boscombe Pier.
Despite being a much-loved focal point on the seafront, everyone forgot this special day.
In fairness, after many incarnations, the structure bears little resemblance to its original design.
The resort's first pier, designed by Archibold Smith, was opened on July 29, 1889, by the Duke of Argyll.
The 600ft structure cost £12,000 to complete but by 1904 its lack of popularity prompted owners, The Boscombe Pier Company, to sell it to the council.
By the 1920s it was in need of repair and underwent a partial rebuild, extending it by another 150ft.
During World War II the pier was closed and by the late 50s yet more of it had started to crumble so concrete replacements were made along with the modern pier entrance, which still stands today.
In 1962 a theatre opened in a new building at the pier's head and in the years that followed was used as a skating rink, a restaurant and an amusement arcade but it was eventually closed by the council in 1988 for safety reasons.
After a £2.4m restoration the new improved Grade II listed pier was finally reopened in October 2007 and the refurbishment of its entrance building is nearing completion.
Happy birthday Boscombe Pier and here's to another 120 years.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Beach hut designs go on display

Entries for the Boscombe beach hut design competition will go on display this Tuesday.
Residents and designers were asked to submit ideas for four unique beach huts, accessible for disabled users.
More than 160 models will go on display in the President Suite of the Carrington House Hotel, Knyveton Road, from 10am to 7pm.
Entries have been submitted from all over the world.
Visitors to the exhibition will be asked to vote on their favourite designs before the final decision is made on Wednesday, July 1.
The huts will be built in time for next year's holiday season.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Rip Curl Girls Tour arrives in Boscombe

The Rip Curl Girls Tour arrived in Boscombe late last night night for a weekend of girls-only surf lessons and Hawaiian-themed activities.
Among the entourage was Steph Gilmore, twice World Championship Tour champion, who signed merchandise at Urban Reef beach bar and offered tips to the would-be surfers.
The month-long tour is aimed at promoting surfing among women and will also make stops at Llanglennith, Croyde and St Ives.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Beach huts destroyed by arsonists

There was more misery for beach hut owners yesterday when arsonists torched a row of huts just yards from Bournemouth Pier.
One building was completely destroyed and two others were burned beyond repair in last night's blaze.
Firefighters from Dorset Fire and Rescue Service were called to the site at 2.20am.
The burning huts were on Undercliff Drive between Bournemouth and Boscombe piers near to Harry Ramsden's restaurant.
Today the site remained fenced off and a sign posted by Dorset Police read: "Due to an act of vandalism, three neach huts were burnt down last night.
"The site will be cleared once the scene has been fully investigated by the police.
"We apologise for any inconvenience in the meantime."
Investigators believe the blaze was started deliberately.
Two further beach huts suffered damage in the fire, which also burned shrubs on the cliffs above.
In February five luxury beach huts were destroyed by arsonists at Mudeford Spit, near Christchurch.
Watch the video about the Mudeford Spit beach blaze below.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Twelve cops + one drunk = overkill

A small crowd gathered on Boscombe seafront today after no less than five police cars and 12 officers arrived to deal with a man sitting on top of a giant sandcastle.
The man, who had obviously been drinking, had been sitting on top of the giant sand pile which is being used to build Boscombe's surf reef.
The sand pyramid has become popular with young people who consider climbing it an amusing challenge for a Saturday night.
As soon as he became aware of the trouble he'd caused, the man - can in hand - slid down the pyramid to the throng of waiting police below.
One officer joked: "It's a competition to see how many police officers you can get in one place."
Unfortunately for the two policemen left to make the arrest, the man was too drunk to scale the fencing and found himself trapped inside the construction compound.
He had to be escorted to the compound gate.