Saturday, 20 June 2009

Twelve cops + one drunk = overkill

A small crowd gathered on Boscombe seafront today after no less than five police cars and 12 officers arrived to deal with a man sitting on top of a giant sandcastle.
The man, who had obviously been drinking, had been sitting on top of the giant sand pile which is being used to build Boscombe's surf reef.
The sand pyramid has become popular with young people who consider climbing it an amusing challenge for a Saturday night.
As soon as he became aware of the trouble he'd caused, the man - can in hand - slid down the pyramid to the throng of waiting police below.
One officer joked: "It's a competition to see how many police officers you can get in one place."
Unfortunately for the two policemen left to make the arrest, the man was too drunk to scale the fencing and found himself trapped inside the construction compound.
He had to be escorted to the compound gate.

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