Monday, 6 July 2009

Free bus - But is it Pokesdown or Boscombe?

Travellers to the recently renamed Pokesdown for Boscombe Station can now catch a free shuttle bus to the beach.
The Shoreline bus service, which launched on Saturday, is free to rail ticket holders to Bournemouth or Pokesdown for Boscombe or to anyone using the long-stay car park behind Boscombe Sainsbury's in Hawkwood Road.
Pokesdown for Boscombe Station opened in 1886 and was originally called Boscombe until another station of the same name was opened in Ashley Road 11 years later.
The Ashley Road Boscombe Station was shut down in 1965 following the Beeching Report, which drastically reduced the size of the country's rail network, but Pokesdown Station was not renamed until May this year.
The local Liberal Democrat group has included plans in its manifesto to reopen the Ashley Road stop as part of Boscombe's regeneration but the proposals were branded "too expensive" following a study by Bournemouth's head of planning and transport.
The shuttle bus will ferry holidaymakers and daytrippers to the beach every day until September. At weekends it will also pick up and drop off passengers at the Littledown Centre in Chaseside.
Fare paying passengers and concessionary pass holders can also use the service, which is partly funded by South West Trains.


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