Friday, 21 August 2009

Air Festival Fireworks Disappoint

Bournemouth Air Festival began yesterday, although high winds hampered some of the events.

The biggest welcome by far was for the Vulcan bomber, which gave a short display en-route to Dawlish where it flew with the Red Arrows. The Cold War aircraft is the last flying example and has been beset with technical problems at previous air shows.

The biggest disappointment, however, was with the evening's fireworks.
Billed as a record-breaking 'Roar on the Shore', organisers promised more than 100,000 fireworks in under 60 seconds.

Thousands flocked to the beach to see the display, causing tailbacks and queues just about everywhere. Many never made it to the seafront and were stranded in traffic jams until well after the event.

At 9.40pm, after the initial fireworks display, viewers stood disappointed, thinking they had already seen the record attempt.

A few seconds later a second barge suddenly erupted in a hail of rockets before catching fire within a matter of seconds. The blaze was quickly extinguished to the sound of boos coming from the packed beach.

As people queued to leave the undercliff, another display began in Poole, prompting many despondent revellers to pause and watch before making their way home.

Bournemouth Borough Council hailed the event a success, saying the 110,000 fireworks were let off in less than 10 seconds.

Jon Culverhouse, managing director of Fantastic Fireworks, who organised the display, said: "We are as astonished as everyone else that the fireworks went off so quickly, but we are of course delighted that we have claimed a new world record.

"It was always our aim to get the rockets up in the shortest possible time in order to claim the record but we didn't expect them to go up in 6.5 seconds."

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  1. At least, it wasn't as bad, was it?
    BTW - I really like your blog. Keep it goin'!