Thursday, 5 November 2009

Surf reef launches in haste

The surf reef was launched this week, although you may not have noticed.
After weeks of waiting, the council seized the opportunity the moment the swell was creating waves over the £2.68m structure.
Councillors raced to the beach to hastily conduct an opening ceremony in front of no one except a handful of reporters.
Bodyboarders dutifully demonstrated its usefulness but many surfers expressed concern and disappointment over the high speed and lack of longevity of waves coming over the giant sandbags.
One board rider said it was almost impossible for stand-up surfers to catch a wave there, although it was great for the most experienced body boarders.
Another body boarder said he had been caught out on the reef and ended up being thrown around under the water, hitting the reef several times.
Despite the concerns, plenty of people seem to be enjoying the new addition. Boscomites are also grateful that the construction site has finally disappeared from the beach.

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